About Us

The Sekou Jomanday Foundation (SJF) is a private charitable foundation based in Liberia that is dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for children. Our primary goal is to ensure that children have the opportunity to grow and develop into productive members of their communities.

At SJF, we firmly believe that children are the future, which is why we have taken on the role of being champions for their rights in Liberia. There are numerous challenges that put children at risk in this West African country. These challenges include high levels of malnutrition and a fragile healthcare system that leaves children vulnerable to common childhood illnesses. Additionally, violence, abuse, and exploitation are prevalent issues faced by children on a daily basis.

In order to address these issues comprehensively, our approach focuses on multiple factors that contribute to a safe and healthy environment for children. SJF envisions a country where all children can exercise their rights to survival, development, protection, and participation from birth through adolescence.

To realize this vision, our Foundation concentrates on six key areas: ensuring access to quality child healthcare services; promoting adequate nutrition; providing clean water supply and sanitation facilities; offering early childhood education; fostering basic education opportunities; and advocating for child protection. In order to have an effective impact within society, SJF also empowers communities by encouraging them to claim their rights while adopting positive social norms and practices.

Through our holistic approach and dedication to improving the lives of children in Liberia, Sekou Jomanday Foundation aims to create lasting positive change.

Previous Events

  • 5
  • Feb
American for African Adoption Orphanage Home
  • 10
  • Apr
Mother Doe Orphanage Home
  • 10:00 am
  • Chocolate City, Paynesville, Liberia
  • Orphanage Homes Support
  • Food and Sanitation Products Distribution
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  • 8
  • May
Slum Community Families Support
  • 10:00 am
  • 72nd Road, Monrovia, Liberia
  • 72nd Road Community
  • Food Distribution
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  • 27
  • Nov
Disabled Children Support
  • 10:00 am
  • Congo Town, Monrovia, Liberia
  • Monrovia Rehabilitation Center
  • Material Support
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Our Vision

To be the number # 1 charitable foundation in Liberia advocating the rights and welfare of all children.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating an environment where children live safely, healthy, and productively.

How you can help us

Just call at +231 (0)776678921 to make a donation

Our volunteers

Together we can make a greater impact – more than any individual or group can do on their own.

Sekou Jomanday

Founder/Executive Director

Linda Sando


Yesleen Taylor


Joseph Macauley